Thursday, August 1, 2013

Throwback 2012 :) #Tagaytay

Lately the throwback craze has been viral. Some finds it annoying while others are loving it. We'll there's nothing wrong with that, matter of fact, I find it cute looking back on our past so long as we know where we stand. So throwback lang mga friends and let's bring back the good memories :0)

I also come into realization that my travel craze started last year, I definitely found love in travelling. <3 Hence, I have decided to run through my fun filled 2012 and share it with you folks. :)

Feb 18 - 20, 2013 marks one of the special moments  for me and my buddies Leni and Orly (leni's bf), you know why? because that was our first time travelling together. It was Leni's first plane ride and Manila trip and at the same time, it was the lovebirds first travel together. Awwwhhh pardon myself if I'm the 3rd wheel. hahaha 

When Leni asked me where to celebrate her birthday, I instantly suggested that we go to Tagaytay. My family has spent vacation there sometime in 2011 and its really a nice place. Not that far from the city and the weather is perfect. Luckily, she said yes! horaaayyy VACAYYYYYYY!!!! Thank you once again to Cebu Pac for the promo fare, truly you are giving every Juan a time to fly. :)

*Leni's first flight. So glad I was with her on one of her firsts.

From Manila City, we just rode on a Bus bound to Tagaytay. The travel time is about 1 and a half hour with a fare of only php 80.

In Tagaytay, we stayed in my aunt's house so we can save with the accommodation. We are not kuripot ha, we're just financially challenged. hahaha

Here are the places we visited in Tagaytay;
(1) People's Park - with an overlooking view of the Taal Volcano

 (2) People's Paradise

At night we dine in @ one of Tagaytay's resto which serves the famous Bulalo. (first timer na naman) :) Oh our friends from Manila also came. They were the ones we've meet on one of our beach getaway in Bantayan. 

(3) Sorry I forgot the name of the Resto :( 

*below that's my friend Christian (upper photo) and James (lower photo). Both are super good and great friends :) oh the guy wearing violet stripes that's my cousin too, our personal driver at that time Kuya Lou :)

(4) Visited Tagaytay Mall (summit ridge) and had coffee to beat the freezing cold weather.

The following day, we have to leave na because we will be heading on our next destination on your itinerary :) Before we left,we paid visit in one of Tagaytay's Catholic Church, the our lady of Lourdes, to attend the Sunday mass.

Thank you Tagaytay! Bye for now. ;)

PS: Why I love Tagaytay, let me count the reasons:

(1) The weather is absolutely lovable. Even if its already 12 noon, you won't feel any hotness at all;
(2) Hospitable people;
(3) It's not that far from the city;
(4) Yummy food;
(5) Stress free; and 
(6) less traffic.

It is a place where you can truly relax and be care free ;0)

love, peace and happiness,

cHen C. 

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