Friday, August 2, 2013

Eastwood again & again :)

In less than a year I've been to Eastwood Libis thrice. Yes! It seems like I'm loving the place??? uuhhmm Could be or probably because it's nice that I wanna let my friends come and see it too. "_)

EW is one of the high end places in the metro. There's a mall there and at the same time its a night life hub. It was a friend of ours who introduced us to the place, now that friend happened to be my ex-crush since grade school. Oh my G! can you imagine that???  (but he's already taken so he's not my crush anymore *-*) hahaha Alright! I know what you might be thinking but honestly a big NO.The real reason why I kept on coming over the place is because its really nice :) No BS! :D plus it's a good site for pictorial purposes. hahaha 

My first EW visit was last Dec. 12, 2012 (12/12/12) what could that possibly mean?? hahaha choz Wla lang ui. Me and my crush didn't click naman so I guess nothing  really special =) As I was saying, it's a nice place, and what I like the most is the walk of fame. Probinsyana mode! lol

*that's me and ex-crush over there! #reminiscing 

*the big xmas tree at that time was also nice! Below is me and my ate Ruby and photo bomber ate Salvz :)

*below is a pic with the Kongkings (their barkada name and technically i'm the sampid) hahaha

*below is what I'm talking about! hahaha Of course I never missed the opportunity to strike a pose on my idol's name Sarah Geronimo. 
PS: they say I do look like her. #echoozzzz

*the night life @ EW

What's nice with the place is after the drinking session, you may dine @ Somethin' Fishy where they serve breakfast buffet at a reasonable price :) Nah! ang resulta yobab lng sa?? hahaha But during that time I did not eat because it was already 3 AM and I don't feel like eating but the food looks yummy. So I told myself, "next time will do"

Moving on, my second visit on the place was last Feb 23,2013.  I wanted Leni to see the place because I know she'll love it too :) This time around we invited my cousins Kim and Kylde, and Orly's friends Gio and Jordan :O) 

*us striking a pose on the famous "its all about living the good life" motto of EW :)

Of course the Walk of Fame will always be a good subject.

and the night life session will always be there too :)

The third time that I've been in Eastwood was last June 3,2013. Right after our Pangasinan trip, we went straight to EW to eat at Somethin' Fishy, talking about super late dinner, imagine it was 1 AM when we went there. (told yah I'm gonna try their food. hahaha)

Right after we ate, we took a tour around the area as my colleagues are new to the place. 

and so that's it! :) the same place with different people. EastWood is indeed LOVE. =)

love, peace and happiness,

Chen C.

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