Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sweet Escape in the City of Golden Friendship :)

Two weeks ago by impulse I found myself back in the city of golden friendship. :) Actually my destination is  in the town of Balingasag or Bali for short :) It's an hour drive from the City and the town is part of the province of Misamis Oriental. Bali is My second home. As you may know since I stepped on the soil of Balingasag, I left my heart in there :) Probably in my past life I lived there??? uhmm  'coz it really feels home.. the air, the aura, the people, it seems like they've been a part of my life since day 1 :) 

What made me come to Bali again is Leni's offer. She paid for my one way ticket to CDO. hehehe So technically I'll be spending only 500 for my fare back to Cebu. Isn't that great? hehehe
Besides I would love to take a break from work and school (talking about exhaustion eii) So this is really vacation, as in home bound, relax and do nothing :)

August 9, 2013, I say Hello to CDO again :)

*that's me and Leni on the bus bound for Balingasag :) #nofilter #nomakeup

The entire day on Friday and Saturday, believe it or not, we were lazy home buddies, done nothing, spend nothing. hahaha

*that's Neccah, Leni, me and Mommy :) goofing around before getting to bed. That's how close I am to the family, that I even share bed with them in the masters bedroom :) Reminds me of home in Leyte where we used to sleep in mama and papa's room all the time :)

On Saturday night however, we spent a lil drink at Cowboy bar. It's new in town so might as well see it for ourselves with a bottle of T-ice :)

*that's at the entrance with me posing like? uhhmm I really don't know. hahaha

*to compliment the bar's name, they have their Rodeo on the entrance

*and we are the T-ice angels <3 

*inside, they have their bar area and of course, there I was striking a pose with my cowboy hat on! #choz

*the four of us enjoying the night. hahaha technically ONLY the FOUR of us in the bar. hahaha weird eii? Saturdays supposed to be party day, oh well just shows how laid back Bali is :) But the good thing, at least we are partying and we don't have to care, after all its only US in the place. #noshame #cool

*the good thing of partying when no one's around is you have the dance floor all yours and you won't even give a damn to others.. hahaha Look at us, we're turning the boring place into a place full of life! :) yey! #party #bali #friends #bonding #t-ice

The following day - Sunday! We'll be heading back to Cebu already (sad;(!) but before leaving Bali we made sure to attend the 8 am mass and meet up with my Kumareng Dimple for Neccah's 18th bday party. That's actually one of the reason why Leni went home, to personally meet up with Dimple and talk to her with regard Neccah's bday party on Sept 16. :)

On the same day Leni's aunt from CDO invited us as well for a lunch at their place in Xavier Heights, so there, the whole Veronilla from Bali went to CDO to meet up with the other Veronillas :) Perfect timing too so won't be commuting on our way back to the city. hehehe

After the sumptuous lunch, we paid a visit at Centrio Mall in CDO, that's the newest mall in town and where my crush works. (eiiii! just the thought of him makes me smile.Roots!) Anyhow, there's this place in CDO too that cannot be found in Cebu yet. I'm talking about JCO. I'm a sweet tooth so I persistently insist on going there coz their donuts has been one of the country's talk about. In Manila people will really line up just to have a taste of their product. :) 

*their tagline is as sweet as their product :)

*who can resist that? the look itself soooo tempting! 

*that's outside the place #selfie again. hahaha

*me with my #sumiselfie pic @JCo.

*if there's such a thing called selfie, we also have a groupie :D I'm with the Veronilla blood line over there, so technically I'm the alien! hahaha

*my Mommy Bing :) I simply love her coz she loves me like her own :)

To wrap it up, I am grateful coz even though I am financially challenged I still get to enjoy Life at its best. Going to places I've never been before and most of all spending time with  people who has been dear to me.  I will be forever grateful to the family that treated me as their own, to the family who braces me for who I am and the family that wholeheartedly loved me I will always be proud that I have another family in the Veronilla's and with that I take my hats off to them. Thank you a million times! #loved #by #the #Veronilla's #CDO 

love, peace and happiness,

cHeN C.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

busy week ahead!

I miss writing! :( I've been totally busy this week and will be busy in the weeks to come. Talking about Midterm exams eii... The coverage, the pressure and all! haaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy! But I CAN DO THIS!! :)

The last post I had was when I was contemplating of going to CDO or not. Eventually my dora spirit won again. hahaha yep! I did go the city of Golden Friendship :) It was purely a vacation, staying at home, watching tv or spend time with the kiddos. I was there in Bali for 3 days and on Sunday we were in CDO city.

I found another home in Bali, I felt the utmost love and care of Leni's family that's why I kept on coming back.

I will be posting pictures of my CDO sweet escape this week. I had relaxed and I enjoyed.

Keep posted.

love, peace and happiness,

CheN c.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Today I felt useless :(

today I was late because first I got up late again and the traffic was hell :( I made my boss upset :( ohhh myyy I'm so sad like this " ;-( " And because I am sad, I think it affected me the whole day to the point that I am making a lot of mistakes in my work. I don't even want to study... aaaannnyaaareeee myself?? I have an IBT class later this afternoon and I haven't read any single article assigned to us. Plus I've been contemplating on going to CDO or not. Decide.. decide... decide...

I am also worrying on what to do after my resignation here. How will I survive?? Lord help me please? :D I don't know what to do. :( For now, I'll just make the most of my stay here in YYKredit and hopefully by October I'll be able to get a part time job to finance my allowance. 

Haaaayyy so many thoughts on my mind now but just can't write it all because I have so many things to do. 

I hope my day will end good. #crossfingers

What I did last year #throwback #2012

You can read about the history of the world all you like, but to truly understand it, you have to travel to the places history has touched. 

I can say I had a good 2012 :) I have traveled to places I've never been before, I get to revisit the places I loved and I met new friends :)  Today I will be looking back on what I did last year and might as well share it to everyone. 


I went to Cagayan de Oro City all by self. I dunno what came to mind that made me go there in an instant, arrgghh my impulsiveness! tsktsktsk nobody knew I was there except of course the person I met there. hehehe But eventually I called my bff when I got there coz I can't stand the fact that I was there for that person. Am I that desperate?? But anyways, I didn't regret anything coz at least I realize that he was not meant for me. 

PS: no photos as it was a secret trip. hehehe


Leni and I spent a weekend in Tagaytay :) That was in celebration of her birthday too :) 

We also went to EK after our Tagaytay weekend :)

Lastly, we stayed at Taytay, Rizal and consequently met that gorgeous guy below. hahaha His name is Kevin and he's my cousin's brother in law. Bagay ba? hahaha

*That's my supportive aunt below and Mr. Gorgeous mom and nieces :)

*below is my aunt, my niece and my cousin below. :)

@ NAIA Terminal 3

MARCH 2012

Guess what? I'm back to the city of golden  friendship again. hahaha Yeah seems like I'm loving the south :) It was the end of March and I think we deserve a break from school and work. It was pretty perfect as it was Orly's graduation too in XU and at the same time Keke's birthday (Leni's younger brother)

It was one unforgettable visit as well as I gained a new friend by the name of Teddy Llagas (si mahal na bertud)  :)

APRIL 2012

This may sound funny but I eventually spent my holy week in CDO and Bali. Yeah right, I have completely fallen in love with the place. It really feels like home. 

@Limketkai celebrating Vani's bday

we visited XU too :)

On Easter, we went to BUKIDNON! yey first time :) We went to Dahilayan Adventure park to try the longest zipline in Asia :)

MAY 2012

It's my brother's birth month and its summer time so we why not celebrate it at the beach huh?? 

There you go, with my chix sisters :) they are my Brother's closest friends.

You'll never guess, I was back in CDO again on that month. hahaha what's the occasion? It was the christening of our lil boy Thirdy. He's Teddy's cute nephew and first born of my Mareng Mj and Pare Thadeus :)

Another thing, it was also the homecoming celebration of St. Rita's College. Leni's alma mater, so might as well attend it nalang. hahaha I was really intrigued about there homecoming as I heard a lot about it. So there you go, ako na ang nakiki join sa batch 2005 :) yooohooo!

JUNE 2012

Who says summer is over? It was during that time that we went to BORACAY baby! :) 

After spending a weekend in Boracay, we dropped by the doll house in Kalibo, maximizing the time as our flight back was via Kalibo - Cebu. We also spent a night there but it was a bit creepy. hahaha Seriously the town is soooo laid back that households and even establishments closes @ 8 PM. Imagine that?! hehehe

July 2012

Due to my travels, I missed home. So I decided to go home and have some time with my family. It was also So. Leyte day so we went to Maasin City to watch the annual Karatong festival.

We also visited the shrine of Mama Mary in Maasin City

 August 2012

I've been travelling every month so I decided to rest for a while coz I might not have enough money for food. hahaha

September 2012 

Probably you've guessed right now where I was on this month, yes! I'm back in CDO. hahaha i know i know, but it was an unplanned trip. As you may now, Leni has been a part of my life already and she lost her grandfather I feel the need to be there to pay my respects to her grandfather.

At the plane, I met Marie my bro's friend. She is one of the HR of Bo's coffee and she offered breakfast for free :)

Since I was there, I took time to see my godson Thirdy. Look at him, isn't he lovely?

we also had short chat with Teddy as he was there too for obvious reasons, he lives there. hahahaa

Coincidentally, it was also the house warming / blessing of my Mare Dimple and Pare Jan's house :) so there we are :)

October 2012

This time it's a new destination. I'm so excited because its my first time :) Hello durians! Hello Davao City =)

@Waterfront Insular Hotel 

@ibezza Mall Davao with our very kind and generous host :)

@Davao Zoo

@Jack's Ridge Davao

@People's Park Davao

Davao trip won't be complete without visiting Samal Island :)

November 2012

It's rest month again. hehehe have to save up for the upcoming Christmas =)

December 2012 

It's Christmas month :) The most lovely month of the year and I guess my favorite too. Not to mention people are richer, you know what I mean :) hahaha Since I've been busy going to the south in the previous months, time for me to go North this time. :) This may sound crazy but one of the reasons why I decided to accompany Ate Salve and Ate Ruby was because I wanted to see my childhood crush in flesh. hahaha Another thing, I've been interested to see those dancing lights in Ayala triangle. Yeah, I've always been a child at heart :)

and I finally met papa Sam. #dreamcometrue #lol #kilig

I also met my other fafa.. hahaha recognized him? :D

after all, it's all about living the good life :) #true

Of course I'm gonna conclude my dora the explorer moments with my beloved family :) We just celebrated Christmas here in Cebu. 

Me and my siblings :)

wooohhhoooo what a year! Thankful for that awesome and wonderful year! #happiness #love #ilovetotravel #adventure #bonding #blissful

love, peace and happiness,

cHen C. :)