Thursday, August 1, 2013

Throwback 2012 #Enchanted Kingdom

Another throwback moment! :) I'm speaking of our EK adventure :) This is actually the continuation of our Tagaytay trip last February 2012. 

Another first for the me and my travel buddies. Only in EK where you can be like a child having no care in the world. :) And mind you there are extreme rides there so might as well brace yourself for one total adventure and experience of a lifetime. C'mon, we can only be young once so I urge everyone to live every moment, grab every opportunities and embrace every challenge that comes along, for you only live once. = ) As for myself, at least I can say that for once in my lifetime,I have tried what it feels like doing stuffs like this. :)

I have to give credit to James and Christian for accompanying us in our EK adventure for without them we might be lost and will never get there. hehehe

Without any further adieu, let the adventure begin :) 

*look at us bouncing happily like a 3 year old child. hahaha

We paid Php 500 for the entrance and ride all you can passage.

Before starting with the rides, we took time taking pictures of the place.

The very first thing we did was to go on the not so extreme rides to the extreme ones. hehehe So our first ride was Up, Up and Away. This was inspired by the film UP. 

Next we tried the Pirate's boat. This is one is super cool! :) It's pretty obvious in the pictures. hahaha

After that we decided to relax a bit for that the last ride was one bit of extreme. And so we decided to try the RIALTO. This is were they play short 3d videos, at that time we watched Journey to the Center of the Earth.

After the rialto, we went right away to the next alley to witness the parade of stars :)

Right after the parade, we rest for a while and planned which ride would we next try. 

Finally we've decided to try on the caterpillar ride. It's the roller coaster's slower version. :)

By then it's already lunchtime, so we decided to take our lunch first before we continue with the activities. Inside the amusement park, there are a lot of food stalls available where you can choose which food you would prefer. The price is justifiable naman.

When tummy's already full, time to get back to business. :D The next thing we tried is EK most famous. People say your EK adventure won't be complete without trying this one.

and of course we did try it! Look at us. Scary ei? Yeah! but you will never know how it feels unless you face it. So bring it on! :p

wohooo! that one is superb! :) feeling dizzy a bit but definitely a must try. Daredevil mode! yooooohooo!! :)))

After that one thrilling ride, we decided to take it slow, hence, we decided to take a ferries wheel ride. :)

cool!oh how i love it to be on TOP! :) feels like heaven =)  The last activity we tried on EK is the bump car. We decided to just go on it as the other rides are full already and we can't afford waiting our time lining up. It turned out fine nman with the bump car, still we did have Fun! :)

waaaahh! that day was one tiring yet fulfilling day! In enchanted Kingdom, the magic indeed stays with you! :)

Bye for now! thank you EK! now we're off to Taytay Rizal to spend the rest of the day in my aunt's place.

That's all for now folks! :)

love, peace and happiness,

cHen C.

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