Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DO MoRe: AdvenTurE =) #wakeboarding

Today, August 6,2013 declared as a special non-working holiday in commemoration of the Charter day of the province. But here I am working on a holiday... :( oh how I love to kill the snoozing alarm and sleep the whole day, then again I have obligations to comply. So here I am a bit bored in the office so might as well write something over here. 

I have always been adventurous, oh wait! I love to be adventurous. You know experiencing extreme sports and the like. Hay if only time and money permits. :( Of course I do have my bucket list too just like others and I have this long list of things that I wanna try, see and experience before I bid goodbye to this world. (choz!) Lucky me, 2 weeks ago I got the chance to tick one off my bucket list! Yey! #happiness I'm talking about wake boarding. :) This sports has been one of the latest craze, all thanks to the celebrities like Aga Mulach and Jericho Rosales who were into this sports. Who says only boys can do stuffs like that?? Girls too can of course :) 

I have to say thanks to a good friend of mine, Stacy, who came over here in Cebu because without her the wake boarding would have remained a dream. hahaha 

It was one rainy Sunday morning, so I was a bit lazy to get up, and I was already preparing excuses  so I may not join the activity. Nevertheless, I was forced to get up because Leni was so kulit and I just can't resist her! hehehe She asked to come with them and we'll just charge everything to her boyfriend. I was like? Ok? The perks of having a boyfriend, you have financial support. Maybe I should have a boyfriend too so someone's gonna support me. Hey Boyfriend whereeeeeeeeeeee areeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuu???????????? hahaha :)))) 

Oh! going back to the wake boarding thingy, the place is located in Danao, Cebu. It's a nearby town from Cebu City,  just about 30 minutes travel. But wait... the place I'm taking about is not in the town proper but its somewhere over the mountain area and to our surprise it is 27 Km away from the town proper, well yeah! Hows that???  Talk about adventure ei?? and since we've already there so might as well do it nalang. :) 

*the picture below summarizes our activity :)

But to give you the details, I'll be transcribing it below :)

Our itinerary started with a breakfast at Mcdo (love ko to' coz we're broke) hahaha 

*there you go. The 3 angels Leni, Stacy and Chen :D that's not a nice picture but its fine documentation matters the most. lol

On the way to Danasan Eco Park, it is technically an altitude high. Its so isolated and it seems like heaven is just a Php 10 fare :p

*look at that :) PS: never mind the bukton, maayy gadd! Im soo fat :(((

After 2 hours of driving, we finally reach the place.. here you go :) 

*at the entrance

The eco park has a lot to offer, they have packages that you may avail but you have to be early in going there so that can try all the activities. Some of the activities the park offers are: wake boarding, rappelling, atv, zipline. For the wake boarding, the fee is php 350 and its good for two hours. In our case we spent more than 2 hours i guess :) Oh by the way, you will be paying as well php 50 for the entrance.  So all in all we paid Php 400 each.

Tip: It would be better if you have your own car, though they have shuttle service there but its very expensive. So if you wanna save, just bring your own car :)

*selfie moments while waiting for the truck that will bring us the wake boarding area.

Upon reaching the wake boarding area, we are all a bit excited but you can't just start away, you have to listen and pay attention first to your guide as he demonstrate the drill :)

Practice: hahaha

Life jackets and helmets on and were ready to go! :) presenting the whole gang (L-R) Jordan,  Marfa, Stacy, Orly, Leni, Me and Vani :D 

Wake boarding may look easy but once you try it, gracious! you can definitely say its not that easy :( yet again, the beginning is always the hardest part but once you learn it, I tell you, you will get addicted. hahaha The more you try, the easier it gets, that's what you call the Learning Curve :) 

PS: for starters, brace yourself in drinking bottomless icetea! hahaha

*look at me, struggling at first but was able to manage to stand at the end :)

At around 5 PM, we decided to pack up so we may return to the city in time :)

*after the wakeboarding

*before leaving the place, of course we took photos :)

We arrived at around 7PM in the city and was obviously hungry. And so we ate at Parkmall's boneless lechon. Hmmmm Yumyum :)

That was indeed an experience of a lifetime :) I thank my friends for inviting me. 

love, peace and happiness,

CheN C. 

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