Tuesday, August 13, 2013

busy week ahead!

I miss writing! :( I've been totally busy this week and will be busy in the weeks to come. Talking about Midterm exams eii... The coverage, the pressure and all! haaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy! But I CAN DO THIS!! :)

The last post I had was when I was contemplating of going to CDO or not. Eventually my dora spirit won again. hahaha yep! I did go the city of Golden Friendship :) It was purely a vacation, staying at home, watching tv or spend time with the kiddos. I was there in Bali for 3 days and on Sunday we were in CDO city.

I found another home in Bali, I felt the utmost love and care of Leni's family that's why I kept on coming back.

I will be posting pictures of my CDO sweet escape this week. I had relaxed and I enjoyed.

Keep posted.

love, peace and happiness,

CheN c.

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