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When we conquered the North :) Pangasinan Itinerary and Budget #ilovetotravel

My first travel story on my blog :) Yay!! Oh well.. hello world! As you may know, me and my friends are travel enthusiasts so we make sure that at least once a year, that's every time Sharlene (my friend from SG) comes home, we can travel together. This year we decided to conquer the Northern part and I'm speaking of Pangasinan. 

What made us decide to go there?

- First and foremost because of the Piso fare Tiger Airlines was offering (CEBU-MNL), who can resist that??? hahaha can you believe we just paid Php 500 for our airline fares back and forth, that's a big saving huh :)
- Second,  most of us haven't been there yet , I mean all of us haven't been there yet so that means a TOTAL ADVENTURE!! 
- Third, for the reason that it was the cheapest offer available at Metrodeal :) We are very "inot / kuripot" travelers we make sure that every travel fits our budget and capability.

TIP: If you want to save on your travels you may check budget airlines promo fares and metrodeal for incredible promotional offers :)

Alright so let's move forward, here are the details of our adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy you enjoy reading! :)

June 1 - 2 , 2013 DYI

6:00 AM - all our bags are packed and we're ready to go! 
7:00 AM - Cebu to Manila flight via tiger airlines

*our happy and excited faces below =)

The cast: (L-R) top: Karly (my sister), Neccah (my sister from another Mother), Leni (my soulmate bff), and Me
(L-R) bottom: Monch (my brother) and Vani (my brother from another mother)

8:00 AM - hello Manila! finally touched down. Wooohooo!!! Eggggcitteedd!

8:30 AM - left the airport and rode on an FX going to MRT to meet my cousins KIM and KLYDE so we can go all together to CUBAO Bus Station.

Take Note: We rode on Vliner Bus, their station is at EDSA Cubao. The one on the Farmer's Plaza is the general North Bus so make sure you will be at V-Liner Terminal where all vliner bus departs and arrives.

*us @ the FX where we paid 300 (pakyaw basis) for the service and since we are 6, we paid 50 each. Later on I'll be posting as well of all our expenses.

11:00 AM - we were able to finally ride the bus going to Lingayen where we are suppose to spend the night. It's a 6 hour drive so might as well brace yourselves for a tiring travel.

*us below now boarding the bus bound to Lingayen
Take note: it's free wifi so you can go ahead and post status on social networking sites =) update2x din pag may time. hehehe

*us at the bus, still able to smile despite the pain in our asses for the long sitting position. hehehe Taken at Dagupan already so more or less its less than an hour to Lingayen Proper.

5:00 PM - we finally arrived @ the town of Lingayen! yehey!! and the first thing we did? EAT! we've been starving for 6 hours, Gracious! hahaha Since we are budget travelers, we choose to dine in at Chedeng! Chowking!!! hahaha Fast food at its best @ 50 pesos busog na! 

6:00 PM - we finally checked in at El Puerto Marina Resort. Oh dba? parang mayaman but actually its just because of the Promo hehehe :) thanks to metrodeal!

We also observed that in the North the day is longer compared to Cebu and Manila coz 6PM there just feels like 4PM and 7PM feels like 6PM. We find it weird but that could probably be because of the location. What you think?

*below is el puerto marina @ nyt

7:30 PM - When we finally settled down, we decided to go for a swim and have some drinks. 

Take note: the food and beverages in the resort are apparently costly so what we did, we just buy some drinks and food in the nearby convenience store in the town proper. Mind you it was indeed a brilliant IDEA! (y)

*us enjoying the rest of the night. Wohoo! YOLO moments! =)

11 PM - Alright! since the night's getting older and the wind is getting cold, we decided to move to another place - the function / dining area of the resort where a mini acoustic concert was held.

*us enjoying the rest of the night. #acousticnight and we are very much proud that our very own singer gets to sing on stage~ whew!

12:00 MN - Right after the concert and when everyone was getting sober, we decided to call it a night :)

*us preparing for bed in our beautiful room 

and so day 1 ended! good night world! tomorrow is another day =)


Call time was @ 6AM but since all are still sleepy we decided to extend the call time @7AM. hahaha Ok rise and shine sleepy heads today is one big day for us :) 

7:00 AM - good morning Lingayen! (below my brother striking a pose at the poolside)

*below - our room is the second room from the left :)

8:00 AM - The most important meal of the day - Hello breakfast! Part of the package we paid for was of course the breakfast. In fairness, yumminess! :)

*us in the breakfast table :) pardon the faces for we just woke up! hahaha

10:00 AM - Right after breakfast we have to pack up for we will be leaving Lingayen and head to Alaminos for our island hopping at 100 islands nature park which was still part of the package we've paid for.

Before we left we made sure that we will be able to take some pictures of the place for nobody knows if we will still be able to get back in there :)

We went to the beach front and it was indeed nice. We regretted that we were not able to go on swimming there. :( But there's nothing we can do, time constraint eii! We named the place long beach because at glance it looks like that of Long beach Cali :) Silly ayt? :)

Good bye Lingayen! see you again next time :)

10:30 AM - Check out check out! picture2x with the staff and crew who treated us with utmost hospitality! thank you thank you El Puerto! mwaaahhh

Our tour guide for the tour had everything arranged for us and since we are at a budget we decided not to rent a car or van that would take us to Alaminos, instead we just rode the public utility bus. From my point of view, I think its best to ride in a bus coz you will have a better view of the places you'll pass through and of course the fresh air from the province. :)

11 AM - Before heading to the bus station, we stopped by 7/11 convenience store to buy some foodies and drinks that we will be bringing on our Island hopping.

*us @7/11

11:30 AM - We left Lingayen and took a bus to Alaminos. The travel from Lingayen to Alaminos is roughly 30 to 45 minutes.

Note: Alaminos is a famous place so just ask anyone there how to get to the place. In our case, we had a tourguide so it was easier :)

12:15 PM - finally arrived @ Alaminos. We took a tricycle that will lead us to Lucas Wharf where all the boats for island hopping are located.There are 8 of us present plus 2 others coming, referring to Sharlene and her cousin. 

Tip: When you reach Lucas Wharf, you will be welcomed by different boatsman offering their services for the island hopping. They tend to over estimate the price so be very wise.

The package we had purchased at Metrodeal carries with it a free island hopping however the coverage is only @ Php 1000 and that's for a small boat but there are 10 of us plus the package covers only 3 islands which mean that we don't own our time. So we just decided to get the boat worth 1800 and divide the remaining 800 among ourselves. However, since a friend of ours is financially better compared to us, she just paid the 800. Life saver ang peg! :D

*Below is a picture at Lucas Wharf

1PM - we had our lunch at the Karenderias located in the wharf. 

Take note: the food is overpriced so it would be better that you eat in the town proper if you want to save.

While waiting for Sha we just made tambay over the place and it was raining hard too so we cant proceed yet with the island hopping. That's what you call "everything happens for a reason", it rained because we have to wait for Sharlene. 

2:00 PM - Finally Sharlene came and after a year we've seen each other again! yepeyy!!!

*from (L-R) me, Leni, Sharlene and Karly

Let the island hopping begin! :_)

*us in the boat parang nasa Vietnam lng ang peg :)

First stop: the rock island :)

Second Stop: Children's Island. We decided not to stay there longer for it was crowded. Proof is the picture below, see those people behind our back.

Third stop: Somewhere in the middle. hahaha yeah literally we stayed there because that's where you can go on snorkeling. I was not able to try the snorkeling part but according to my colleagues the coral reefs are so beautiful. 

the water is really clean and cold :) you can't resist but bask yourself in the water! SUMMER is Love =)

Fourth Stop: Marcos Island

*this is the place I love the most. Less people! At that time it was like we were the only people there! What a feeling of you owning the island! choz*

Below the view from the top of the island :) so surreal! <3

the shoreline of the island is powdery white, so clean and so serene :)

*me with my famous Laureen Uy pose @ Marcos Island:)

In the island itself there is a cave with waters below where you can dive, then again only the boys managed to take the risk :0) On the other side of the island, i'm still referring on the upper part, there is a viewing deck too which gives you a beautiful scenery of the place. Hayyy makes me think that God has indeed wonderfully created the world :

On our way to our last island destination we passed by the Bat Island

last stop: the very famous Governor's Island. This is the place you often see in TV and print ads of the 100 island. 

in order us to get into the viewing deck, we have to take about 255 steps to the top. Imagine that?? so you have to physically fit too otherwise you won't be able to see what's in store for you:)

after that one tiring stairway to heaven walk, you will never regret the beauty that will welcome you. Teary eyed as it seems, I for once never imagined will be here to personally see what makes the Philippines an archipelago :) A very beautiful scenery indeed :)

After the pictorial in the viewing deck, we went straight to the other side of the island where you can find the big brother house. This is were Kim and Gerald was housed during their PBB days.

Pictures tell a thousand words and experience is a memory that will be forever cherished. How happy all of us on that day can be blatantly seen our faces. All thanks and Glory to the almighty father for without him we may never have seen this wonderful beauty.

Thank you Pangasinan! you are one of the nicest! We enjoyed our short yet memorable vacay :0)

5:00 PM - we ended the island hopping as we still have catch up with the last bus schedule for Manila.

Postnote: You may use the bathroom of Lucas Wharf @ 10 per pax. It would be best that you have the basics with you like shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc for again prices of commodities there are overpriced. 

8:00 PM - back to the big city via 5 Star Bus line.

12:00 MN - arrival @ Manila City :)

Here are the total expenses we've incurred for the entire 2 days and 1 night trip :)

love, peace and happiness,

Chen C. =)

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