Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chen started to Blog :) 7.31.13

Hello world!

Wooohhooo!! Chen C. now tries to blog :) I remember way back high school days were most of us have our own diaries and journals whom we considered our best friends and confidante. It was a teenager's way of expressing themselves and I'm not an exception to that. Now, with the aid of technology blogging has become "something" in this world. From social networking to official blogsite were everyone has a story to tell.

I personally is a blog fanatic, it inspires me alot to the point that my day wont be compete without checking the blogsites i love the most.

So here I am, inspired as it seems, I now try to make my own blog where I know I can be myself and I do hope someone will be inspired as well of my own stories to tell.

Hmmm probably it will be more of a traveler's blog since I love to travel and I owe alot to those travel blogger who shares their experiences in the places where I want to be. Sharing is a blessing and I am one of the beneficiary. :) As a way of giving back what I have learned from other's I will be posting my travel experiences here in order for others as well to know the hows and tips of travelling at a budget.

Chao for now. Keep posted! :)

love, peace and happiness,

Chen C.

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