Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's all about ThirD! :) #proudNinang #AsThirdGrows

Kids and babies are really adorable. They have this charm that's simply irresistible, more so if you feel the affection reciprocated equally from them. Speaking of babies, I have a godson who's super duper cute, good looking and very adorable. Actually words are not enough to describe him, he's an Angel sent from above, matter of fact I have completely fallen in love with him. And at this moment in time I am currently missing him that's why I am writing on my blog.

He is Thaddeus III or Thirdy for short, he's the son of a good friend of mine from Balingansag and the brother of Teddy. He was born on March 25, 2012 to father Thaddeus Lllagas Jr and mother Mary Jane Inesin. Actually I was in CDO at that time and it was our first meet up with his Tito Biboy but me and his dad or mom were not yet friends then. hehehe Good thing I was back in Bali for the holy week otherwise I won't be able to meet his dad and I won't get the chance to be Thirdy's godmother :)

Look how cute our lil one :) Ohhhh those eyes and features really tempts me to have my own. In time! In God's perfect time :)

*That's 3rd at 6 months old :)

*Tita ninang's lipstick on babylove's chubby checks :)

*And Third loves her Titang Ninang eversince :)

Just this year, March 25, 2013 to be exact, he celebrated his first birthday and without any hesitation I flew to CDO just to see my favorite godson and celebrate with him  :)

*See how close we are? hehehe Third has lost weight because of his growing dentals.

*Even when he cries, he's still cute :))

*Third with his gorgeous Titang Ninangs Leni, me and Vani! He loves our gift :)

Four months after his birthday we're very glad that Thadz, MJ and Third paid a visit in Cebu. Yey! we'll see our lil one again and we'll be able to bond more :)

Since its only them coming over here in Cebu, I personally volunteered myself to watch over Third as MJ and Thadz go on with their activities in their Itinerary :)

This is how he looks  now :) Gwapo as always :)

While MJ and Thadz are on go Kart, me is the yaya for a day! But I'm loving it! I would even be glad to have him with me all the time hehehe

Afterwards, we went straight to Krispy Kreme IT Park to rest and munch on their donuts :D MJ and Thadz has to freshen up as well so I have to keep an eye on Third. Perfect timing as we have to wait for others for the Birthday Dinner of Third's mom.

*that's Tito Vani, me and Third. Look at those doe-eyes of our lil one. hehehe But seriously he must be very tired already. True enough he has fallen asleep on my arms. Awww what a feeling =)

*Our baby sleeping soundly and so Cutie :)

After an hour or two, MJ and Thadz have freshen up and the others have arrived too. Since its MJ's birthday (Third's mom), they treated us all for dinner! Yeeppheeyyy!! #happytummy We decided to dine in at the Pink House for a more formal touch, unfortunately it was Friday night and it's fully booked so we have to look for another place. My brother suggested that we try Surfin' Ribs in Ayala as they are new and they're getting positive feedback. In all fairness the food is very good and very affordable. :) #NoRegrets

*with the Bali pepz, Vani, Thadz, Leni, Cokin and Orly. Groupie first before eating :D

*Wacky pose then pag may chance! hahaha

*This is the complete casting! Mindanao invades Visayas! hahaha

*Even Third loves their Baby Back Ribs hahaha

*the face of a satisfied customer! hahaha

Right after dinner we headed straight to Crown Regency for MJ and Thadz will be trying the sky adventure.

*Third with his mom and dad :)

*Third with his 3 lovely girls. #wlayMuPalag

*That's us at the entrance of Sky Adventure :) Yey! Third is still wide awake @11 PM  :)

Since its MJ's bday we prepared for a lil suprise :)

*Posporo sa lng ang candle coz we can't find any at that time. hahaha #improvised #brilliantIdea

*Yey! I guess, our kumare was happy with the surprise :)

Haaayy time flies fast, our lil Third growing fast and we getting old, nonetheless,we, his ninangs, will always be fond of him.

To our Thirdy, hope that by the time you learn to read you'll pay time to read this blog i've written for you. Bear in mind that I will always be here for you baby and I will always love you. Please grow up as a person with character and with a good heart. Love you Third! see you again the soonest.  uhhmm next week hopefully! hehehe

PS: Thanks for the kiss baby. Ninang loves it very much!

love, peace and happiness,

CheN C.

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